Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Its a baby marathon week when........

 you have 2 sets of  baby cot to dress up!Oh yes !no lying..See for yourself..

Its a 2 layer frilled skirt and a quilted bed pad for the inner..Oh yes lots of strings to tie all round the cot.

This set is for Puan Hajjah Khairiyah for the aqiqah ceremony of her 5th grandchild..Its for a wooden cot.I had to work strictly on her measurements ,and right now its hanging loosely on my own baby cot at my work place.The size doesn't fit though.Lets hope she sents me a photo to share with you gals here..

And this is for Puan Hajjah Yasmeen who is waiting excitedly for her first grandchild in January 2014..The set consists of : bumper pad,comforter,2 layers frill bed skirt ,2 bolsters,1 pillow cover and one mattress cover..

This set looks equally great in a rattan baby carrier which i bought a couple of weeks ago :

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