Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Its the eleventh day,on the twelfth month of the year twenty thirteen...11.12.13..

So today will definitely need a short blabbering  for the auspicious date.Nothing sewing related.I am giving that a rest...hihi...Today i spent time at Jabatan Agama Islam opposite Masjid Wilayah to endorse a copy of my marriage certificate .This is a requirement By the Embassy Of Saudi Arabia for application of visa to Mecca to enable me and dear hub to do our umrah next year.

Next we tried to do our innoculation for meningitis..Unfortunately the few clinics that we visited have ran out of the vaccine.So we might have to find another day for this jab...

Thats all i did today,haha..nothing fancy ,all the waiting and running around exhausted me at one was your 11.12.13 day?

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  1. Going for Umrah yer kak... Tahniah, bakal jadi tetamu Allah.

    kekadang harga jab pun berbeza between clinics.. ada yang murah n ada yg mahal.