Thursday, January 23, 2014

Curtains ,singer cozy.and my embroidery corner...

I  have been spending my time and money and running around like there is no tomorrow..Haish!May Allah ease everything.As usual ,curtain projects are my top priority .Here are some curtains done.

And a singer roses

This is the cover without the cozy

A single bed skirt in box pleat

and planning work to be done while i am away......mostly orders for baby quilts,baby baskets,and of course curtains..

And not forgetting my embroidery corner is all set for my next new project for this year,,,

No space for my lap top...will need a small table..


  1. wahhh dah ada embroidery corner... lepas ni ada embdroidery department plak hihihi

    SM cozy tuh cantiklah kak.. siap ada rambu ramba tuh kat bawahnyer

  2. waaa... cik abe embroidery tu.. dah ada tempat ek.. senang la nak guna.. :)

  3. kak.... lemari benang tuu....envy lah...