Monday, February 24, 2014

I am back after a long break...

Feeling rejuvenated and blessed..Thank you Allah for making my short stay a memorable one and may i have the opportunity to visit your holy home every year.Amiin..

While i was away,one of my staff went for maternity leave and the other was taken ill and was away from work for almost a week..Aww!therefore daughter was left alone but she was kept busy most of the time minding her online business.You can visit her here.

Nevertheless,a set of baby stuffs were done just before my staff went for her medical leave.So heres a show off......

Its a moses basket set ,2 baby quilt and also a matress set..Oh yes...its going to be a baby girl for Farah Dura.All fabric were self pick by Farah for her first born.Now i only need to do the diaper bag and then is ready for collection.

I just brought in some curtain job this morning.Will update soon.Alhamdullilah business is picking up...and i am trying to get into the work momentum..Thank you Allah.I know this year is going to be full of baraqah..


  1. Welcome back kak..
    satu perjalanan indah yang tak dapat digambarkan dengan perkataan kan...

  2. Thanx Mila...memang betul..terlalu indah pengalaman nye..

  3. cantik2x nyer kak... sweet jer kaler :)