Friday, May 16, 2014

Pssst...i have a new mate...he is amaziing,,,

Blame him for my long absence and slow   blog update..This is my second update of Mr Brother NV1500d.He has move into my there is no way I can fiddle with him in my curtain studio.I have been trying on a few ready designs and I must say till this date i am quite good at changing colors,threading,hooping ,...hahaha...a good pat on my back..

I even have a little file to store all the patterns that I have tried.....( smiling ear to ear )

I am spending a good 2 hours a day to get acquainted.Lets hope he is able to generate money in the near future.but as for now I am soo happy exploring and doodling with him..Bliss..


  1. wowwwwwii gagah perkara cik abe ni yerr
    kak ros dah beli embird ker? dah try digitized?
    I am still using free trial sew what pro, rasanya malas nak beli software yang canggih sgtlah, swp is just enough kut

  2. Haha Mila...embird memang beli sekali dengan daughter yang sesangat2 minat,Tapi belum Nampak hasilnye..Its too cangih for makcik2 like me..or maybe belum sampai seruan..da banyak dapat free designs from Puan Asiah Hj Talip