Thursday, May 29, 2014

updates are declining,but i am not complaining as i have sheer good reasons..

In between meeting up with customers, stocking up sewing supplies,galavanting  shopping for fabrics,and planning work for my two seamstress ..I am also helping out dear daughter for her first booth sales..You can read all about it here.

Here are some preparations ;

S0me drawstring pouches in varying sizes.

And among other things ,some orders for toddlers were also completed;


And not forgetting a bridal room to décor this weekend....

I am also working on a new style cushion upon request from a senior customer.I shall call it SHELL SHAPED CUSHION..for obvious reason as it does  look like a shell.One is finally done.


I think I am ready to work on the actual fabric as I am quite happy as how this experiment turns out..Thanx for dropping by.More shelly and goldy updates coming out soon.

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