Sunday, September 28, 2014

A cusion and quilt making week..

In fact every week i will be making cusions and quilts in between curtain projects but this week is extra ordinary as i am short of one staff  so the main task was focus on just cusions and quilts.
And here are some photos to share..

Thats about it.Short and brief updates...its getting harder each day to maintain this little space of mine.Soon i will just be posting my works which will speak well by itself..bear with me.Thanx for dropping by..


  1. huuiihh cantiknya kain kak... envy.. envy...envy.. bila lah boleh nak p melawat kak dan hasil tgn kak kan..

  2. Kuazue....sama lah kite...envy mengenvy...hihiYour embroidery is superb!Terma kasih melawat disini ya..

  3. cun..cun.. esp bantal velvet purple tu...

    busy ek kak.. xpe kak.. dpt tgk gambar pun jadiklah kak.. hihihihi