Sunday, September 7, 2014

These colors make me so happy

Found these lovely prints while flirting at Nilai 3 this morning and grab them...can't wait to run my shears through...Fabrics are japanese cotton from Belboo..

The piecing is done...not too good looking,now time to quilt.Lets see how it looks with red polka dot binding.
The borders will be in red dots..perhaps?or is that too loud?
What would be the perfect size quilt to cuddle during nap time,to take along on car rides and perhaps a sleepover to granny's place.?Does size really matter?


  1. cantik cantiknyer kak... rasanya kat dcomel pun x nampak corak nih. Meriah

  2. salam kak...

    apa nama kedai ni? lst week saya ke sana tk jumpa this kind of cotton....kain2 baju adala....tq

  3. Akmal...nama kedai..Jelita Textile,jalan nilai square 2

  4. Red binding mmg cun kak... bagi saya yang suka bright colors ni memang ok sgt tu.. hehe...

  5. Yes border it will be....