Monday, December 15, 2014

Quilted baskets for baby goodies

3 baskets were brought in last thursday..These are new baskets to accommodate baby things and customer request for quilted cover ( quilted inside and outside) which can be casually removed for washing and likewise easily slip in again ..The fabrics were provided by customer and these are the second set of baskets after her first order  as at

And here are the 3 baskets..

And the fabric combo:

The animal print fabric will be on the exterior while the stripes will be on the inside'.

So i started working on the first basket which is the smallest.I am trying to give the traditional ruffles/frills a rest and try something new.Those little dresdens which i have been doodling during my lazy hours have somehow put on my thinking cap..I am looking into possibilities of making sort of dresden frills...if i refer them as"frills"too.

And this is how i envision  it will turn out to be...

These dresden frills are easy to make but needs a lot of time to put together..but i nevertheless love making them.So i better hurry up and not waste much time as i have promised to get all baskets done by month end.Be sure to drop by and see the transformation of all 3 baskets..