Saturday, March 7, 2015

What i have been up to....

....doodling with the braid template.I bought this lovely quilt kit  at Spotlight early in february and i spent the long extended CNY holidays building up a 56 inch by 60 inch lap quilt ..This comes with a step -to-step instructions / tutorials from cutting to piecing ,sashing,bordering and till the final stages of quilting..Here are some photos which show the various stages that got me through fun and joy..

The kit

The instructions

Lining up before sewing the long strips together

A good spread after sashing

quilting in the ditch
hand binding.

and its done!

a little label the quilt.
Another quilt going into my collection bin,no way its going to leave me..I really enjoy the process and i hope i will be doing more of these braid quilts.If you are interested to do this style ,you can visit more ideas and tutorials.After completing this project i realised that you don't really need a template to do the braid,although the template just helps you to bypass the trimming stages..See how Melissa did hers at


  1. Menarik.. pattern ni buat table runner pun macam cantik kan kak.. hmmm...boleh masuk list ni..hihi... ;)

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  2. wahhh nye meja mesin jahit ni ... besar ...

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