Friday, March 6, 2015

Work done in february

Life is really on the fast lane..February flew like the wind.I will now glue myself onto this comfort chair of mine and update all the little things i sew that bring so much joy to me ..

These are 2 coral shaped decorative pillows  ordered by Ezarina Aziz for Wishing Weekend.You can visit her at instagram @wishingweekend,
This is a lovely coverlet for my table top..I have made this using the 10 degree wedge ruler recently bought from a good friend of mine..You can visit many more design ideas using this technique at
This little toddler quilt/lap quilt was done using the braid template i bought from Spotlight,Ampang.It comes in a kit  and an easy to follow tutorial.I will post a more detailed images of the stages i went through to get it done in another post

This baby wrap in shocking pink is for an aqiqah ceremony on the 7th March.This is the 3rd basket i have decorated for puan Hajah Hamidah who is quite a regular customer.