Friday, October 1, 2010

Suka nye hari ni........dapat staff baru yapadapadooooo.........

Another staff join nykolett today.I have been waiting for this happy moment since a year ago.Hope she stays longer than the last one or at least untill the 2 big events .Now i can really put up my feet and have a good long rest before the 10th ..Allah macam tahu2 aje i need a break...syukur alhamdulililah.

Anyway dah ade dua full time staff kerja pun berjalan dengan lancar sekali..Tak percaya lihat lah kerja2 yang sedang in progress nih.

7 pieces envelope cusions for RAJA FADILLAH measuring 18inch x 12 inch..The floral is from ELYZA.The maroon is customer's own.Baru siap 3 pieces and 3 jarum patah because of the hard  heavy material.

Another single comforter set for SUZANNAH.Tadi she brought home the 2 sets yang dah ready..Yang ini nak buat funky sikit..I think the white blue check looks charming.

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