Saturday, December 25, 2010

My dear blog..please frgive me..this blog is slowly lacking in curtain information because i am busy packing..

But just to stay alive in the blog ..lets  share some basic tips in curtain making...I have received a lot of questions from friends and customers ...the most common being.. "How do i measure for the right curtain drop" and the answer is...

A) First measure the length of your rod  or track..
B) Then measure the this is the tricky part...which normally is from the rod/track to the floor....that is for a door or ...if it is for the window ..the drop is to the point you want it to be but it should at least be  10 inch below the window sill..but again this drop varies depending on the curtain pattern you choose.Well do not worry...a good curtain tailor can make the adjustments and advise you accordingly.

Once you have the basic measurements of your window/door,you can step into any curtain shop and place your order...or better still drop by my shop and let me do all the measuring up at your home with no extra charges..Tata..

Will update you more about curtain tips in my forthcoming entry.Stay tune ya!

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