Monday, December 27, 2010

The ideal curtain drop...says who?...says me update of previous post.

Since i have brought up this subject i might as well show off some piccies to support my statement for those who are still blurry about what i have been babbling about...

The scallop edges of the sheer really show off when it is slightly above the floor but not too much above..And one thing for sure curtains should not puddle on the floor...whether its the night curtain or the day curtain...better save your money on cushions rather than spent on the extra drop length  that is uncalled for.....

But if your sheer has straight edge like the night curtain,then they both should have the same drop length. 

I also had a go in making one reversible beg my own version...hahaha....with the help of the many tutorials on the net of usual since i am relying on my curtain scraps so please excuse the bad colour mix...any way i am getting better by the day...bless me.

What happens when the ribbons are untied?...Yes..You get a bigger size bag..
But the unsightly looking velcro...hihihi.thanx for the ribbons to camouflage this....i think a magnetic snaps will do the trick..but i have promise myself not to spent on hardware...
Now lets see the inside...not so neat lah....kain beranak-anak

And if the base is removed and bring the inside out you will get another bag..

Hahaha ...two bags in one.How about that ehh!for a first timer....More of these bags in days to come....dah berhantu buat beg nih!!


  1. cerita pasal ukur langsir ni.. aritu saya buat langsir, beriya ukur dari atas ke bawah. tp bila pasang panjang 2 inci ke atas lantai hahhaa.. nampak sgt tak expert. tp malas dah nak alter, tunggu basuh dulu, baru pendekkan. nampaknyer raya tahun depan ler tuh. ok lah labuh, dr terpendek..

  2. TQ for d tips..

    bab beg ni mmg berhantu... buat sekali... rasa nk tambah lg & lg & lg....