Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The green and the blue quilts are ready.

Both are for Kak Mimi.She also ordered 2 sets of white single bed skirt for urusan jenazah. ( seram pulak )...ya...kite kene beringat2 jugak...dah meninggal nanti nak jugak baring kat atas cadar empuk sesuai dengan stuasi..

So kak Mimi nak ambil yang mane dulu??hihihi...and in the mean time the baby swing is also slowly taking much as i want to avoid frilly whirly skirt,....tapi itu jugak yang jadik..hmmmmm

Am contemplating to embellish the cream lace..tapi macam tak mesra pulak...
Maybe just a big bow at both ends will do the trick..
I think i will shove this swing for a while....huhuhu memang selalu macam ini lah...bila dah bengang tinggalkan dia sekejap and cekup bende lain.....So what do you do when your mind just loose focus..? Well i like to get my hands on making pouch,bags,...i have been drooling latest obsession...cantik tak cantik belakang cerita ...janji try buat dulu....memang addictive...kalau tak percaya cuba buat satu dulu hmmmm...tapi harus buat yang sempoi-sempoi...memang jadik and gratifying..

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