Monday, December 19, 2011

Comforter makeover....

My next project is a comforter makeover...this comforter was nicely done at MACY,BLAKONG about couple of years ago..i was told so  by  customer ..

The size of the diamond quilt is 10 inch x 10 inch....and the size of the ready quilt is 110 inch x 110 inch my mission is to reduce the diamond to 5 inch x 5 inch and the ready quilt to 81 inch x 86 inch..embellished with tassels at all 3 corners.....

She also also brought along 5 meters of organza sheers and 4 meters of  baby blue cotton polyester fabric for the bed go along with the modified comforter.

The sheers are just enough for the 21 inch drop of frills but the 4 meters of cotton polyester is short of another 4 meters..I need 8 meters to do the bed skirt of size 61 inch x 76 inch and 2 pillow covers...thats the normal size of a queen size bed in MALAYSIA..

nampaknye kene bertandang ke NAGOYA to top up another 4 meters of the baby blue material  Haish!..............


  1. ayat last tuh yg best.... on top of what need to be purchased, boleh add miscellaneous purchase eks hehehe

  2. Betul cakap mila tuh...banyak miscellaneous purchase dari list "need to buy"..haha!