Thursday, December 15, 2011

A sudden change of plan..

Today i woke up in high spirits hoping that the day will turn out well as planned.So i packed my humble wira to the brim with curtains to dress up a 7 bedded home at Gombak.At 9.00am..had a hearty breakfast of nasi dagang with daughter who has been my loyal assistance for the last 3 months..At 9.45am i picked up an installer..a borrowed staff from Zainal Canopy..Arrived at destination at about 10.15am.To my dismay renovation works were still in progress and the house is still dusty with loads of storage  boxes strewn on every corner of the room..Arrrgh! and to think that the wedding is just 8 days away!So after discussing with lady of the house a new date was fixed .I will return on the 20th for the curtain installation .

So with so much free time at my disposal i made a detour to Carefour for lunch, drop by Nagoya .Look what i grabbed just to brighten up my day..

sale at 20% off..hahaha orang sibuk beli designer cotton..kite beli cotton rega RM9.80 aje.

and look at this adorable storage bags..great way to haul my curtain sheers..

So how was your day?Definitely not as bad as mine..ehh.

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  1. your curtains really softe and looking beautiful. I love your curtians's color.
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