Friday, December 23, 2011

Finally the Curtains were up..

This is probably going to be my last update for the year a lot of photos..

I was at this beautiful home from till 4.30 pm.putting up the curtains.After several postponement, due to the renovation works,today the curtain job was completed with not a singe alteration needed..Thumbs up!!The work went smoothly although i feel that the job could have been completed many hours earlier if we did not spent too much time moving furniture to allow space for the ladder and putting  them..(the furniture and the multitude of other things which really hampered our movements  ) .... back in place.huhuhu..

I manage to snap some photos. 

The window in the bridal room..

The main living

The second living

The tall window at staircase going up

Toilet for the guests downstairs

The dry kitchen..notice the multitude of things on the cabinet.

Another room downstairs..hmmmmmm

The renovated room upstairs..the best room to work with..empty except for the bed and was so windy...great feng shui..

a small window at the same  renovated room upstairs...can you see the sheers blowing in the wind...

the bridal room is partly done..the fresh flowers will only arrive tomorrow.The bed set is customer's own....but the fabric for two  piece pillows with black background are from ELYZA. 

Toilet in green..the little lace makes it pretty ehh!

I was unable to take photos of three rooms as the cleaners were preoccupied with the mopping and polishing and everything look messy and it was just impossible to be documented in photos.huhuhu.

I will be going there again tomorrow for some minor touch ups.....And now i need a good rest on my cozy bed..have a wonderful weekend and merry christmas to all my christian friends.

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