Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I now have a life model for my cradle...

Meet Muhammad Aaron eldest grandson...13 days old born on 090312 at 8.05am weighing 3.19kg..he shares the same birth date as my youngest son...slightly jaundice..

Having a nap with a little bit of sunshine creeping through...

He has been keeping me away from my sewing machine...but its worth it..he is an angel...Just looking at him sleeping is so comforting..

So.... not much sewing to blog about as i have not been to my work base for quite sometime..wonder whats cooking......


  1. Tahniah kak Ros, dah jadi grandmom yerr... Bertuah Muhammad Aaron.. ada nenek yg sangat kreatif.. cantiknya moses basket tuh... that ABC fabric memang padan sangat dengan baby boy

  2. Tahniah Rosni, wah dah jd nenek yg glamour :) Nanti nenek jahit macam2 untk Muhammad Aaron Sufian.

  3. Congrats kak Ros! I gave birth to a baby girl on the same day..only 12hrs and 2 minutes different :) - on 09032012 at 8.07pm. But have yet to have the time to blog about it :)
    Btw her name is Aara Ameena Sofya

  4. thanx ladies for the good wishes...