Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Work in progress

A package came in today from Malacca....

A baby basket to be covered in white cotton fabric for aqiqah
In the mean time two old and tired duvet waiting for a makeover...lalalalala.

The top is for a single bed while the one beneath is a queen size duvet

The materials chosen....

For the single bed duvet..white dots

Red dots for the queen size duvet.
More fabrics for queen size bed skirting..

So ape pulak yang da siap ehh...banyak sesangat yang da siap..tak sempat nak ambil gambor sudah disambor customer..

2 sets queen bed skirt.
These cusions are for a love seater with 2 pieces for back rest and 2 for the seats.I am showing a set of each.

Baby cot set..definitely for a baby boy

8 pieces cusion cover of size 21 inch x 11 inch..The 7 inch border in the middle are remnants from 8 chair seat covers ..

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