Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to work in my humble messy studio..

When i close down for the long hari raya break i left the studio in a mess ..too tired to clean up after the overdose of curtain jobs and a bit excited to welcome the long holiday break.And so  today see me tidying up...just my small space.,the rest will just have to wait when the bibik start work tomorrow.My studio looks much better now but my storage room is bloated and i can hardly walk in.....

But i am not going to worry about it as i am now just overwhelm to start my sewing machine running.Look what  spruced up in a day...WITH THE HELP FROM MY ASSISTANT

Tab curtain for a kitchen in INTAN APPARTMENTS,but right now its hanging haphazardly on my makeshift rod..
Kitchen mates for Rafidah Samsuddin ,TAMAN PANDAN MEWAH,AMPANG

 AM ALSO CURRENTLY WORKING ON A BABY QUILT SET,Still keeping it under wraps till i put on the final touches..WILL TALK ABOUT IT ON MY NEXT UPDATE.HAVE A NICE DAY!!

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