Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday is the best day of the week..being a public holiday makes it even the bestest...

Oh!pardon my english....My apology also to some friends in GGK on facebook.Although i would love to shop together at the same time i am such an impulsive buyer .My visit this time was so unplanned. So i spent 2 hours at Dchomel .Taman Melawati...and came home feeling jolly good.Look what i brought home...gorgy,gorgy materials to toy with for the next 2 months...lalala

Most of the fabrics that i grab have like novelty prints on them and all baby@children related...animal prints,numbers and figures monograms

Am now dreaming of more baby quilt sets,bags,diaper stackers in the making.......Happy weekends to all my blogger friends..We are all still in the Hari Raya mood ..a lot of open house to attend.Don't eat too much ....


  1. Sauda' Al Baraka tu Kak Es beli pun RM12. Tp kalau beli 3 boleh dpt sekotak RM10

  2. bersama kak Es...thanx for the info..

  3. hihihi... ni semua 40 meter ke kak Ros.. fuh cun ler design baru ni, bila ntah saya nak kesana, padahal dekat jer. takut terbabas kosong poket kang hihi

  4. Mila....semua tuh 44meters...terlajaklah jugak...memang terbakar rentung wallet daku...getting broke in a sweet way...