Friday, August 24, 2012

Reason for the long absence...

Having a blast entertaining and attending open house from close families..Here are some pics that speak a thousand words..

On first Hari house.
At 2.00pm....Sister in law 's house in Gombak.
Third Hari Raya ,8 pm at brother's house ,Ukay Pedana...this is after we got home from Ipoh where we spent the whole of 2nd.Hari Raya..
Fourth Hari Raya at Sister-in-law's house in Taman Melawati_1 pm
Fourth Hari Raya at sister's house Taman Lembah 3pm..

Oh yes...visiting,seeking forgiveness,chatting and eating was the main agenda during the week long holiday.SELAMAT HARI RAYA @EID MUBARAK to all my muslim friends around the world...

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