Sunday, September 2, 2012

Advice from a sewing machine manual dated 1949

Found this somewhere while blog hopping..i can come to terms with the first para but i could not stop smiling with the rest.....

206174_10150905021078380_3713251_n (1)

Thank you ALLAH for all the blessings in my life and  making me live in this century where i need not worry of all the things mention in the second paragraph of the manual above...hihihi*am smiling ear to ear*


  1. And they actually called that a manual? Wow...!

  2. LOL to this so called manual hihi
    Bila pikir2 balik.. emmm ada betulnya jugak for a hobby sewer like me. kekadang tuh pinggan mangkuk terbiar jer sebab hati lebih dekat ngan mesin jahit. tambah2 plak cuti panjang. Nasib banyak open house, so tak perlu nak masak horayyy

  3. Kelakar plak baca manual tu.. hihihi... ;)