Friday, September 28, 2012

Scraps 13 inch x 15 inch,all 27 pieces....

Nursery Collection....100%cotton and with scotch guard.......selling at RM120 for all 27 pieces..for details email me at

All 27 pieces measuring 13 inch x 15 inches..

Today i spent 2 hours going through all my sample book for curtain drapes..All these scraps are curtain fabrics which are no longer in production and has been discontinued.I am trying to put them to good use and thinking of small projects but the list is endless..What do you think?


  1. kak... cute2 semua pattern fabric tu... kalau buat playmat untuk cucu pun cantik tu... patchwork style.. campur2 la dgn solid fabric.. :D

  2. MamaDaniel...sejak da jadi nenek selama almost 7 bulan memang asyik buat playmat,quilt,sarung bantal baby...memang untung cucu ku...Any way all 27 scraps have been sold..Thanx for the suggestion ya.