Friday, October 5, 2012

Patchwork Scraps.

At first i wanted to giveaway these scraps.But then the creative devil in me keep instigating to do a simple quilt.Piecing is like eating a piece of cake.But then getting it quilted is a totally different story.

Here are the scraps....

All 17 pieces:12 inch x 15 inch..pure cotton from NETHERLAND.

The piecing process is taking shape...i  have run out of green dots....but there are more big scraps which are all children theme..Now what?The size at this point is 63 inch x 75 inch.Maybe i should just stop piecing and begin basting...Now to hunt scraps for the backing and what about the borders@binding...?See...quilting is so much fun especially when there are tons of beautiful scraps to doodle with..lalalalala


  1. wow cantiknyerrrrr.. love this. sangat sesuai untuk boy

  2. mila,ingat nak handquilt tapi rasanye mau semput lah hihi