Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beginning of the week ending June.

Its only tuesday...i am already drained,and i guess its going to be one hectic week here at my work station like always when it is a month away from Ramadan.A common scenario at time like this customers come arm with the door and window dimensions  , flipping sample books ,eyeing at curtain patterns and not forgetting some have already brought in curtain materials from all over the place...Nilai Square,Nagoya,Jakel,Tewah....just to mention a few...everybody wants to take advantage of the Great Mega Sale isn't it...

This is my second day busy attending to customers up front...i wonder what my two girls are "cooking" at the back.By 5 o'clock i am already knockout..I just managed to get a shot of this baby quilt for Kak Ann.

Patchwork material are customer's own bought from Nagoya
And a picnic or lunch bag in vibrant yellow ready a couple of days ago which i want to share..

Quite roomy inside with 2 pockets.


  1. Both look lovely..... and cheerful....! Sian you penat, but end of the day... it pays off, kan!!!

  2. Kak Ros, jeles betul tengok quilt tuh. nampak cantik dah lurus jer. saya ni bermasalah betul bila nak jahit/quilt in the middle, selalu nampak kedut n tak sama, last2 2 3 kali tetas baru ok..