Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sometimes i just let myself go wild with colors..

While rummaging through my basket of organized scraps and remnants,i discovered that i have some strong colors ....hibernating since year 2005....just look at this green frills.....

And i made another...

I don't think i can sleep on this loud colored pillow,but i like it just as a decorative effect on my plain white bed linens.On days when i get up and i just need something cheery to jazz up bed ,this funky pillow cover is a real booster.Just give it a try.Also a fun way to utilize all the remnants..

And i also made 2 small size pillows for hugs.,also from remnants....

And one piece tissue box cozy...

This tissue cozy is so simple to make...also great with remnants..

And another tissue cozy...huhuhu this one is dddificult  but so simple and sweet..worth the effort!


  1. Rose, ni tak tahan tengok ni..... geram tengok, menceriakan hari yang agak down kan... hijau ++. And soooo produktif, you jazzed up all in one go! Ho ho ho!!!!

  2. KD,one of those days when my battery are fully charged and i just felt like sewing as though there is not going to be another tomorrow!..