Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My modified teardrop bag inspired by Amy Butler..

My hands were itching to try on Amy Butler's Style Stitches book on bag making...the only thing that i followed closely  was her template...the rest was just fluke ...merely following the flow of my hand and the little basics that i have mastered on my own through trial and error and not forgetting patience and passion..With a stroke of luck .,i manage to make this....

No inter facing  at all.I was afraid i will not be able to handle the bulkiness with the use of interfacing..true enough!i was struggling with the handle and also the top band.I am so used to making quilted bags and bulkiness is just my cup of tea..but somehow i got screwed up with this simple bag...

Looks like i need to try at doing another teardrop bag...this time the larger version and with interfacing and the real handles and following closely to Amy's book ..huhuhu
Wish me luck!


  1. Wahhhh I can comment on ur blog alreadyy.. yuhuuu

    besar mana beg nii kak ros? nampak comel lerr

  2. Mila...ukuran beg ini 10 inch high and 9 inch at the widest..kecik aje,untuk bebudak2 bole le.