Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two updates in a day ..What a beautiful Thursday ..

Despite the fact that my old car refuse to start this morning due to battery failure...i am glad that my own body battery is fully charged..

What else to do if you are not mobile?I would just stay indoors and sew to my heart's content.Another patchwork baby quilt completed.Thanx to Juli who helped me quilt and bind..since i watch her work like a hawk,the 43inch x 60 inch baby quilt was completed in 2 hours...for Kak Ann

A bundle of joy.Cotton materials are from Cotton Cottage Patch,Ampang,Ulu Kelang.


  1. Rose, you are amazing....! The poor girl who helped you out, jangan2 dia stop breathing when you eyeball her sewing!!!!!!

    Cantik la Rose, you really broke my heart to pieces tengok quilt tu...... You mean from Cottage Patch ker, or there is some other quilting shop Ampang. CP my fav shop!

  2. KD,Juli suka sangat jahit quilt...agaknya pembawakan baby...she is heavily pregnant going into the 8th month..Once dia bersalin i am going to miss her..OOps.i made a mistake..Its Cottage Patch..kakaka thanx for highlighting my mistake!