Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beginning of the week ending June.

Its only tuesday...i am already drained,and i guess its going to be one hectic week here at my work station like always when it is a month away from Ramadan.A common scenario at time like this customers come arm with the door and window dimensions  , flipping sample books ,eyeing at curtain patterns and not forgetting some have already brought in curtain materials from all over the place...Nilai Square,Nagoya,Jakel,Tewah....just to mention a few...everybody wants to take advantage of the Great Mega Sale isn't it...

This is my second day busy attending to customers up front...i wonder what my two girls are "cooking" at the back.By 5 o'clock i am already knockout..I just managed to get a shot of this baby quilt for Kak Ann.

Patchwork material are customer's own bought from Nagoya
And a picnic or lunch bag in vibrant yellow ready a couple of days ago which i want to share..

Quite roomy inside with 2 pockets.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sweet little cozies .....

Tiga sejoli....

All these pretty cozies are for my sister Rozita.Hope she likes it and will brighten up her newly cabineted kitchen.The materials are remnants from her curtains which needed alteration a few months ago. Remnants have been repurpose and put to good use..

Mana bole tahan tengok orang punya manis2..So 
made another rice cooker cozy for me self.Yee hah!

An a closer look...

Teapots,saucer,cups.....all dancing merrily...i am getting obsess making these beauties..All materials are from ELYZA.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two updates in a day ..What a beautiful Thursday ..

Despite the fact that my old car refuse to start this morning due to battery failure...i am glad that my own body battery is fully charged..

What else to do if you are not mobile?I would just stay indoors and sew to my heart's content.Another patchwork baby quilt completed.Thanx to Juli who helped me quilt and bind..since i watch her work like a hawk,the 43inch x 60 inch baby quilt was completed in 2 hours...for Kak Ann

A bundle of joy.Cotton materials are from Cotton Cottage Patch,Ampang,Ulu Kelang.

Sometimes i just let myself go wild with colors..

While rummaging through my basket of organized scraps and remnants,i discovered that i have some strong colors ....hibernating since year 2005....just look at this green frills.....

And i made another...

I don't think i can sleep on this loud colored pillow,but i like it just as a decorative effect on my plain white bed linens.On days when i get up and i just need something cheery to jazz up bed ,this funky pillow cover is a real booster.Just give it a try.Also a fun way to utilize all the remnants..

And i also made 2 small size pillows for hugs.,also from remnants....

And one piece tissue box cozy...

This tissue cozy is so simple to make...also great with remnants..

And another tissue cozy...huhuhu this one is dddificult  but so simple and sweet..worth the effort!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My modified teardrop bag inspired by Amy Butler..

My hands were itching to try on Amy Butler's Style Stitches book on bag making...the only thing that i followed closely  was her template...the rest was just fluke ...merely following the flow of my hand and the little basics that i have mastered on my own through trial and error and not forgetting patience and passion..With a stroke of luck .,i manage to make this....

No inter facing  at all.I was afraid i will not be able to handle the bulkiness with the use of interfacing..true enough!i was struggling with the handle and also the top band.I am so used to making quilted bags and bulkiness is just my cup of tea..but somehow i got screwed up with this simple bag...

Looks like i need to try at doing another teardrop bag...this time the larger version and with interfacing and the real handles and following closely to Amy's book ..huhuhu
Wish me luck!

Monday, June 20, 2011

A handsome comforter ....i am running out of ideas when it comes to making up the male bed..

But some how you can never go wrong with stripes and checks.This time i decide to give a go with stripes.This white green cotton stripe can spruce up any bachelor's room .It is simple..no frills..just a 2 inch border on the sides to give the extra width.The pillow cover is not quilted.
This is a queen size bed comforter nicely wrapped waiting for the owner.It is floral on one side and plain pink on the reverse.The double tone frill at the edges gives this comforter extra sweetness...and being  reversible.,it is like getting 2 in one..

Friday, June 17, 2011

The face that i am missing dearly...

She left to be with the CREATOR on 2nd June,2011...Raja Fadillah Bte Raja Lop Husin.
 .....she was my mentor in the sewing    
......we argue and fight but always made up
......we used to recite the quran together
......she was the wedding planner for my son's wedding last year.
............she takes care of my wardrobe and never have to worry what to wear on any occasion..
........i wish she could stay a bit longer as there is still a lot of things i need to learn from her..
......but i guess allah loves her more...
......May she rest in peace...alfatehah....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby moses basket in ikea fabric..

This baby basket was brought into my shop by Siska;who is about 7 months into her pregnancy.She just wanted a simple basket cover without quilting.
The ikea fabric had lots of cheerful color and finding a coordinating fabric was a breeze.So i pick this white polka dot.The blue background really complements the white ikea fabric.I also affix a simple piping around the edges of the basket in the same polka dot fabric.Hope Siska is happy with this baby cover as much i enjoy sewing it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lavender,white and grey

Bed skirt in 3 tones...lavender,white and grey..
Double frill with lace embellishment..
The pillow covers
The bed skirt is accompanied by 2 bolsters,one tissue box cover,2 bows and 2 ribbons as requested by customer.

This is my first try at making a tissue box cosy with two openings...

The top opening is for dispensing the tissues
The side opening which i made a bit larger is to slot the tissue box in.I affixed the velcro for closure.