Wednesday, February 8, 2012

After the long break.....

A very productive wednesday,every one were glued to the chair and lips sealed except for the constant complain about the heat  ..oh yes!the weather is being very unkind..Anyway i am quite happy when at the end of the day i could feast my eyes   with this lovely photos of work done...
6 dining chair covers for Atheneum Appartment
Big bow at the neck of the chair
The full view
The back is padded on the inside
The seat is frilled and with 2 ties on each side to be tied on the legs  to keep the covers secured.

Curtains for a 3 bedded appartment at Suria Jelatek

Thats all today.More updates of work in progress later in the week.Stay tune.............

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  1. terasa mcm chair cover tuh dok perli2 jer... "hang punya bila nak buat" hahaha