Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Modify and create..

Feel like this space of mine is getting dusty and neglected.Having a blast at the workstation and sometimes the mood of blogging just go astray..Let me just blow away some of the dust before they turn into spider webs.And i will start with the story of 3 huge comforters ...(the owner is a good friend of my best friend, i just could not refuse) just imagine a flat sheet which could cover a king size bed 77 inch x 84 inch plus a drop length of 20 inches all round.....And not forgetting plus 30 inches on the header to cover the pillows up front..Phew that is the size of the comforters.And they are all about 5 years old..and weigh like almost a ton...but thank god the fiber has lost its lustre and firmness over the years.Thus handling them was quite easy.My job was to resize these comforters so that it will finally  just fall 12 inches on all three sides..And the remnants will be turn into 2 pillow covers .Resizing was not a major task but creating the scalopped edges was a real challenge to my maths.Just a small miscalculation will make it fall at odd places on the bed..if you know what i mean..

All three are,cream and green.

And not forgetting i had to re-quilt these giants and make it 5 inch square as the original quilt was about 10 inch square...real clumsy looking..Anyway the job was a good training for my new staffs..Am quite happy with the outcome..So what is left are the pillows...all 6 of them..

Stay tune for updates..


  1. fuhhh thats why we need an expert.. kalau saya mmg surrender hahaha

  2. kantoi jugak mila..almost spoiled at the first attempt kerana terlampau confident..tapi manage to rectify,naseb baik kain ade banyak lebih..