Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Every curtain has a story ...

This eyelet curtain bought from ikea of 98 inch drop was short of 10 inches as the window measurement is  to fit a length of 108 inch ..The curtain came looking like this:

The spiral pattern was in 4 colors so i chose a dark brown fabric to match one of the colors to add the extra length....So it came looking like this..

Suddenly a thought strike my mind,...what if there is a sofa in front of the curtain which will hide the 10 inch border???what a waste..So i opt to do a corresponding border at the top just below the eyelet..but this time a 20 inches border..So this is how it looks;

And the total image of the modified curtain..

SEKIAN KISAH SEDIH SE KEPING LANGSIR IKEA..semoga ia dapat menceriakan ruang tamu..ngeh,ngeh,kalau lah langsir tu bolih bercakap lah kan...mesti ia berkata " sudah-sudah lah tu"hmm.I rest my case..

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