Monday, February 27, 2012

An interesting wood chair with an equally attractive fabric

This wooden chair was brought into my office this afternoon.It has an interesting wood finish and its brand new..The owner wants to protect the beautiful seat and request for a simple cover for all 8 of them.Two chairs are with hand rest while the rest are without..

Chenille fabric from Fella Design.
And the pattern for the seat cover is like so below:

One inch border in corresponding plain material with button closure at the back
Am so happy the pattern book which i bought in year 2004 has a tutorial.

This book has been my priced possesion for so long.The tutorials are easy to follow.A good buy..


  1. Beautiful wooden chair..I would love to make cover for my chair. I like the fabric you choose.

  2. Kak...cantikkkknyaaa fabric fella tu kak.... i like... ngeeeee