Sunday, January 6, 2013

A jumbo size quilt to welcome the new year..

I was struggling to get this hexy quilt done..The piecing of the hexies was not done well.And the required ready size of 124 inch x 84 inch to fit a king size bed complicated the sewing process even more.So i chose to quilt only the borders and abstain from putting any stitch on the hexy pieced in the middle..( i did try machine stitching the hexies but decided to unpick as the final product was an eye sore,handstitch would solve the problem but dear customer could not appreciate hand quilting)..So this is the final jumbo sized quilt for a king size bed...
This is on my humble queen size bed..
The backing is in plain cotton.

Already collected by customer...Quilting cost is RM220...cost of backing and fiber included..

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  1. Cantiknya....nak buat tapi tak ada bakat ...hanya tau jahit yang simple je.....Sudilah jenguk blog saya...baru mula..