Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a bright,sunny ,windy tuesday morning...

i went home after 3 hours at my work-station.Brought the laundry out to dry,watered the plants and  gazed forlornly at the quiet pond where my 3 beautiful koi fishes used to swim happily(for almost 3 years) until the stupid neighbour hungry cats end up their lives and took half of my happiness..anyway let bygones be bygones...

When i left my work - station this morning,sewing activities were at the peak..in the making are 10 cusion covers,2 queen size comforters,1 huge baby swing,curtains for a living room and not forgetting some spring cleaning job at my store..

10 cushion covers...5 pieces are done..
A set of queen size comforter
An iron baby swing...
Sponge and fiber remnants to be disposed..4 more bags being filled..


  1. 2-3 hari ni cuaca memang elok untuk kain di jemuran.. hehe..

    fibre remnants tu kalau buat isi cushion ok tak kak?

  2. the fiber remnants kene di gunting halus baru bole jadi isi cusion..but the sponge keras kalau nak jadikan isi but ade jugak macik2 yang amik buat filling cusion...