Saturday, January 19, 2013

Feeling much better after a viral infection

What  i like about being sick is my taste buds goes hay wire and my appetite goes *yukk* for every  menu.The only food consumption was just plain porridge,oats,vitagen ,lots of plain water and reciting the surah al baqarah(food for my soul) ....And today i could slip into my tight denim jeans with no struggle at all..Yay!!

And while i was cuddling myself in bed.,dear daughter had to take charge of work at the office.

Job done ready for collection

Baby bumper pad in progress...this is probably the hardest bumper pad to make..The satin fabric  is not very kind...and customer's request for thick batting makes the process even meticulous requiring extra careful stitching..
Thank you Allah as i am getting better judging from my food cravings this morning.Lets hope i can get back to work in full force next week.Have a happy weekend friends...Stay healthy!