Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Satin baby bumper pad done..

I have been working on this order since end of december.Due to the slippery satin fabric, progress was quite slow and since customer wants it ready in february there was no need to rush.Besides this bumper pad  the request also calls for 2 sets of baby is done and the other consists of a 3 layered multi colored frill,also in satin fabric..oh yes very challenging and a good test of patience.I will start on this real soon as the dateline is coming pretty close.Have a look at the bumper pad.

It has 16 ribbon ties 
2 bumper pads each measuring 201 cm x 10cm..
This is my first time doing a bumper pad for a big size cot ..Its not like the ordinary pad where you just quilt and done in a day.About 60% of job calls for hand stitching which includes hand stitching 16 pieces of ribbon ties.3 kilos of fiber were utilized to get diamond look like effect and they weight like a ton...hahaha a bit exaggerating but its really heavy though...Ok  will update on the upcoming bed skirt soon.

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