Monday, July 26, 2010

Has been quite a while since i last post of work done at NYKOLETT..Sibuk

mengejar customer..dah nak ramadan ramai lah yang mintak ukur rod,kerusi,meja..untuk buat curtain,runners,chair covers...and last sekali ade customer tanye " bole kak rose buat cover for my cheque book?"Melopong den sekojap...hahaha.Yes Hajar...if you are reading my post today..i will give it a thot..Belum pernah orang mintak cheque book cover,but can be done...just a matter of time..In the mean time let me focus on your curtains for your beautiful newly acquired home at Taman Melati,ya....

So lets take a look of a queen comforter done and completed this evening  by my new staff.JULIA.Good job....for a person who have lost touch with curtains and comforters for quite some time..Keep up the good work ya,Julia..
This is a queen size comforter 100"x100".Ade frill at all 3 corners.
Bahagian atas takde frill,,just a plain finish like so below:
Bantal masih dalam proses pembikinan..Esok will show the bantals.

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