Thursday, July 8, 2010


So minggu nih i have chosen my favourite colour GREEN.And lets take a look at these sweet  handsome couple.Kali nih i am giving away a multipurpose organizer and a decorative ribbon.

Individually they look like so......

This organizer consist of 6 pockets.You can hang it using a hanger or on a rod like in the pic.The 2 V like tabs are using zaplon for easy handling.Bole gantung kat baby cot and store almost anything in the pockets.It measures 15inch x 30inch.Lets have a closer look,ok...

And the sweet ribbon which can  also be hang behind photo frames looks like so on its own..


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b)This time you have to follow me... hihihi......its ok to be a follower sometimes.

c)You should indicate in your comment that you participate in this giveaway...

So thats about all for this post.Hope many more people will take part...the more the merrier...This GIVEAWAY begins now till wednesday 12 noon,14th Julai,2010.
Happy blogging...


  1. salam kak ros, saya join giveaway ini leh tak? saya join yer..

  2. Assalamualaikum
    saya sertai! semoga ada rezeki untuk GA kali ni..amin ^^

  3. mamalyna...of course you can join as many times as you like....
    murah rezeki.

  4. salam,saya nak join gak ya..
    dah follow n muga leh menang..

  5. nak join jugak... for the 2nd time hihihi. dah lama (tak ler lama sgt kut) jd follower kak ros..

  6. Nadiah...thanx for being my follower..kalau tk menang pun masih ade macam2 keistemewaan yang dinikmati ...cuma kak belum lagi nk bagitau.Tungguuuuuuuuu ya...hihihi

    Mila@Rimbun....nice to hear you join in for the second time...hopefully it will continue for many more times...

  7. k.ros..nak join gak..kali ni hadiah lagi best..rugila kalau melepas.

  8. Norem dah pindah umah...?LANGSIR dah jahit ke?Tayang2 lah sikit kat blog