Thursday, July 1, 2010

Remote control pun ade setback....when the baterry is weak lah kan....

The people around me sometimes never fail to amaze me ...pakai remote control untuk get things done and bila tak menepati rasanye naik angin kat kite pulak...adeh....cuba lah try uruskan sendiri,baru tahu penat jereh nye..Money cannot be a master and give you power to control others..especially your love ones...Sometimes it is best to just disappear for a shor twhile and breathe some space baru people will appreciate our existence...

Bila hati panas mendidih i like to take refuge at my shop...My shop never fail to console me when my days are down..Lihat lah patchwork ini...brought in by Kak Ann..The patchwork took her about 2 complete..stitch with lots of love and tender care she said...and patience i added!

The backing pulak is plain floral cotton fabric..

Ini nak di quilt into a single bed size comforter.Its for her granddaughter whom she will be visiting in London soon.

And back to my LACE RAGE .Look what i manage to adorn on a queen size duvet for RAJA FADILLA from ALEWEHDAH DECOR

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