Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New range from HARMONY

Two fabrics came in this evening under the newest rangge HARMONY.Take a look at the pics.
This scarlet is going to cover 5 pieces of Datin Eliza's mummy's cusion.
Yang ini pulak ala2 bunga orchid.....Setiap kali order kain untuk customer,saya mesti selit a few meters kain for myself..thats how i like to pamper myself..and being in this line of business you just cannot resist the temptation of hoarding materials.. Agak2 lah ape saya nak buat dgn kain nih ya.....Ade 4 meters...The laces are still clouding my mind.Have a good mind to make more pilow covers ..lets team up with the 5 inches lace and see how they both react.

Emmmm not too friendly....tapi bila dah jadi mesti nampak sweet..

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