Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yesterday i pampered myself with the most irresistible,sexy,sweet and alluring.......scent..( give the curtain talk a rest...hihihi )

Oh yes,i needed a retail therapy indeed!! about spending wisely...minyak kereta dah naik,gula,tepung...apa lagi yang tak naik.semua dah naik..what the heck!If you can't beat them,just join  lah...duit habis jugak lama lama kan..So smalam pergi terjah kedai minyak wangi..terus terjebak..kikikiki ...And look what i bought myself....and its not even my birthday yet!

Ini pandang jauh....meh tengok dekat sikit.

This is truly the best smelling perfume in my collection.Grrrrreat price too....definitely a keeper.Its going to be my constant companion..STILL JENIFFER LOPEZ.eau de parfum natural spray.3.4fl.1000ml.Very nice and lightly scented...great for every day use.


  1. ma..nape xbeli dua..utk ashin satu hihi

  2. ashlin,nanti ma bawa kamu ke kedai tu..pilih le yg mana satu..bole giler nak pilih mana satu..semua wangi..

    tie,memang best manja2 kan diri...

    mama zharfan..nice on the smell and the price too.