Thursday, August 5, 2010

The final story of an eyelet....,,continuation PART TWO

I think the most tricky part in eyelet making and which demand patience and a little skill is probably cutting the circles.Although we have  used the eyelet to draw the circles,but actually when you really get into cutting it you should cut a wee bit slightly furthur from the drawn lines.Lets just study the photos below ya.
Take one side of the eyelet to draw the circle.(thanx yuni for being my model at this stage)Make sure you leave an inch  above.
Keep drawing till the end of the curtain width securing even distance all the way.
Then cut through the circles like the above photo.
Then place one of the opened eyelet below the curtain and another on top and pressed hard with both hands until they are tightly secured.You will know it is done when you here a 'clicking'sound.Sorry..i am doing with one hand becos i need the other hand to snap this photo..hihihi.
So bila dah ready  i always try to hang it up on the rod before delivering to the customer.That way i can check on any distortion.Please ignore the color of my rod...i know it does not complement the color of the eyelet.Will try to post a photo of it when it gets on its own colored rod.The customer's house is still under renovation works.
The curtain is 100 inches long.Memang meleret on my rod..tu yang tak tunjuk the full length...and yes i need to press the curtain....


  1. Thank for yo kindness by sharing this info..i 've ask some people..but they dont want to share....
    may god bless youu..
    mmm...if u dont mind, can i ask a question...
    That's mean theres 2 way of making the eyelet hole ,either making eyelet using hammer n punch(maybe much neat n tidy) or using Scissor to cut the hole..?

  2. Oh,yes..theres two way of doing the eyelet hole..But i prefer the scissors way..the hammer makes a lot of noise but you get a very neat clean cut hole though.

  3. first, thanks bg step by step ni...really apreciate it...moga dimurahkan rezeki...2nd, nak tnye kite kena gune eyelet tape tak? ade tgk dkt few tempat, diaog gune eyelet tape..tq.

  4. Cik Piko ....saya tak berapa suke dengan the ready made eyelet tape sebab jarak antara satu eyelet terlalu rapat..

  5. Salam puan. nk ty basic tuk 3pintu sliding door. bape lebar kain yg diperlukan? mohon tunjuk ajar. tenx. Rida Omar. (: