Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hari ini pergi mengukur se buah appartment mewah, RIANA GREEN EAST,WANGSA MAJU...

Appartments di sini dikelilingi pemandangan hijau dikelilingi bukit dan rimbunan pokok2 hijau.For more information visit layan lah gambar2 ini...

Main entrance kene naik tangga ke main door...memang stylo..

It is a two bedded condominium,with a small kitchen and a cosy medium size living sesuai untuk a small family especially newly weds.What attracted me most and made this condominium unique is the bath area in the master room..which takes almost  half of the master room kidding at all.....

Just look at the long bath ...over looking the lush vegetation on the background..A roller blind system will do justice to this area...curtains are a no-no..because its a wet area.
There is a long window even at the toilet area...huhuhu.Ape ke hal architect ni ya..takkan lah kat sini pun takde privacy...also recommended a roller blind system in this area.

So,tinggal lah a small area to house the bed and wardrobe..Anyway this beautiful appartment is in its final stages of installation cabinets,lightings and furniture.I kind of like the long mirror cum cabinet door.Nampak luas ruang yang tinggal cenonit tu.
So the only area yang need to be curtain up is just the main living and the guest room.Both areas will need a double aluminum trek.Curtain style will be modern french pleat with 10 inch border .Entah sempat ke buat sebelum raya?So Tuan dan Puan rumah cepat2 finalise your choice of material ya!

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