Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Art Shop,Taman Melawati.

Today i spent the whole morning with my two children at The Art Shop.This shop provides all the art supplies you need such as paints,brushes,pallets,rulers,artists materials...long list...While son and daughter were busy hunting for materials for their course work(daughter is taking up Interior design,and son is studying architecture)mak nye pulak sibuk mencari bahan-bahan or gadgets that can be utilised in my sewing shop..and look what i found.....

The minute i laid my eyes on these blocks an idea struck my mind..Ade about 40 blocks of triangle and diamond shape which were ready arranged into patterns like so above.And accompanying these blocks is a piece of paper with more designs using the same blocks.

Ape lagi,i pun rembat lah satu..and the price was just Rm3.80...memang affordable.
This gave me some ideas on how to utilise my stash and ever increasing remnants at my shop.

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