Monday, November 8, 2010

Patchwork yang paling susah untuk di quilt...

 Today i received a long piece of patchwork to be quilted into a comforter.Extimated ready size is 80 inch x 120 inch.Take a look at the pic..

Terpaksa ambil jarak jauh...very blurry..Sampai tak muat lens camera tua nih..Sabar aje  Kak Mimi mencantum patchwork ni for six months.Mencabar jugak nak quilt.This is her third patchwork that i am turning into a comforter..Actually this patchy was started by her student but she had to finish up cos her student gave up halfway through...If you take a closer look you will notice the hexie disambung tak kemas..gelembung sana kalau quilt memang akan hancur jahitan pasti akan berkedut.But tere are a few yang cantik di sambung rata..must be Kak Mimi's lah katakan...

So moral of the story..kalau tak de patience and passion in sewing just forget about patchwork kan..Kamariah will be working on this baby starting tomorrow..

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