Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pinch Pleated sheers for TIARA House,TAMAN SETIAWANGSA

Lama tak talk about my curtain affair..sebab demand for curtains whether you like it or not is fairly seasonal.Currently i am working on pinch pleated (sebab you really have to pinch the 2 pleats before you can sew on it ) sheers for a six bedded house at TIARA SETIAWANGSA.All are in cream striped polyester..All 67 meters.....

In the meantime,2 roman blinds are ready..also for TIARA HOUSE.

The yellow greenmarket design is for the kitchen while yang gingham check in purlpe is for son's room...Both roman blind is fully lined.Another blind is currently being stitched for daughter's room..Tapi gambar blur lah sikit..Will still show off the pic anyway.... hihihi....

Sesiapa yang berminat nak buat sendiri roman blind bole le drop by at detailed tutorial.

Roman blinds are easy to stitch.The most tricky part is to sew the straight horizontal lines..need some skill and good practice though!For a first timer,NUROL did a great job.Her stitching experience as a dress maker pay off well!She is still under training in close supervision...very meticulous in her work but bit slow for my liking....adeh!

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