Friday, November 26, 2010

A very busy hexi patch work but quite neatlly done!

Today  i received another huge patchwork measuring 120 inch x by 86 inch...huhuhu..nak di jadikan 2 pieces quilt for a single bed...But owner whispered to me," Rosni buat slow2 ya sebab kak dah broke..,,tunggu gaji bulan depan..." 

She wants the backing to be one in green and the other set in  blue checks...Adeh....lagi ribut ...don' you think so..?I will shove it aside for awhile...

And in the mean time the 3 blinds and 67 meters of pinch pleated cream sheers are all ready tu hang..

Entah kenapa minggu ni tangan saya menjadi-jadi gian nye..Too much blog hopping i guess...and look what i got myself indulge in...

A heavenly laden yoyo hexie caddie pin cushion..Kalau the first was done in three days...this one was completed in 3 hours..!minus the yoyos which i have ready stock all the time...Yeh! Saya Boleh!!Tapi unfortunately,caddie nye dah kemek sebab terkial2 nak jahit yoyo..kakaka.Don't be surprise if i have my own hexie caddie parade....saja nak syok sendiri..

 And i also got myself making a new home for my mates....Mr Scissors...all the time seating in a box,,,kali ni bagi chance merasa kain ELYZA yang mahal sesangat nih...ROOM FOR KIDS VOL 2.Kain ni i hijack dari sample book...dapat buat small case ni pun jadik lah...


  1. seronok gunting2 tuh dpt rumah sendiri yerr.. rumah banglo plak tuh.. bukan takat pondok2 kecil hihihi

  2. mila...tulah tuan punya gunting jugak duduk kat umah pondok..kikiki

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  4. 'm thinking about making a "home" for my scissors too, then i found this pretty blog.

    salam kenal ;)